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Apparel designer, author, podcaster, blogger, vlogger, speaker, educator.
Advocate for domestic violence, homeless, cancer research, caregivers, and health and wellness.



In 2020, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, God gave me a vision to create a clothing company in His name, but because of lack of self-esteem and confidence, I was fearful and froze at the thought of walking in purpose. While I was excited at the thought of the idea, I was also terrified of ultimately being rejected and failing.  

Let me back track so you get a vivid picture.  I was married at 24, spousal abused and divorced by 25, abandoned and a single parent by 26, married again by 31, divorced by 34, bankrupt and financially ruined by 35, and an empty nester by 45. The first half of my life was filled with various types of trauma, ranging from rejection, marriage, domestic abuse, divorce, abandonment, single parenting, a second marriage, 2 miscarriages, a second divorce, financial ruin, heartbreaks, health issues, and lack of worth, self-esteem, confidence, and purpose.  

During all this anguish, I managed to earn four college degrees and received several accolades for presenting and publishing to only find out that these accomplishments were not enough. I was picture perfect on the outside, but I was dead inside. I was just existing…not living in purpose.  I spent my whole life caring for others and doing what others expected of me, and I drowned myself in parenting, working, school, and pleasing others…literally to the point of depletion.


After my daughter graduated high school and joined the military, I rejoiced in my newfound freedom, only to quickly discover I didn’t know life aside from motherhood, work, and school. I didn’t know what to do with my life, nor did I really know the essence of my own being. I quickly realized that I needed deliverance from a sea of trauma and to discover who I really was if I wanted to be happy and at peace. I received that pivot point in my life when another abused survivor poured into me (R.I.H. Sis Josephine Prescott).  Because she sowed into me, I vowed that day to pay it forward.  I decided to give my life to Christ in 2015, made the necessary changes to pour into and love myself, and learned to live as a happy and successful single woman. In my late 40s, I discovered that the power of my choice, led to the power of my voice, which led to my healing and life’s transformation. I thought it was my turn, but God said, “not yet.”

In January 2020, at 49, God led me to sell my home and leave South Carolina to move back to Mississippi in March 2020 (a state I thought I'd never live again).  I didn’t understand why, but I left on true and total faith and obeyed His instructions.  I was caring for my one-year old grandson while my daughter was on military deployment.  My grandson and I made it to MS right before the Covid-19 shutdown.  He reunited with his mom a few months later and I geared up for my first book release (No Excuses: It Starts with You).  As I prepared for a book tour, God said, “not yet.”  In November 2020, my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  My book release was on my birthday (Dec. 13) and her surgery was the next day and we leaned on God to embark on a journey to face cancer head on.  Several chemo treatments and months later, momma was restored (PRAISE THE LORD – HE IS A HEALER AND PROMISE KEEPER)!

By Summer 2021, I was 50 years old.  As momma was transitioning back into normalcy, I was fighting to get myself out of a rut.  The Covid-19 pounds were real, the lack of motivation and extreme exhaustion brought chaos to my mind, body, and spirit and I didn’t feel purposeful.  I cried out to God asking for forgiveness and restoration of peace, then offered total surrender.  I was granted forgiveness, but I still had work to do, so I understood that His “not yet” was not a denial, but a delay.  God instructed me to seek therapy and I did.  Unresolved issues and suppressed feelings resurfaced.  In therapy, I finally got to the root of some issues.  I forgave myself and others and I released.  I was finally in a place where I could embrace me – the masterpiece that He created (Eph 2:10).

In my new identity, once again, I asked Him to show me how I could serve and contribute to bringing awareness to his unmatched sovereignty and love.  I asked Him how I can witness that He was the only way I got through every situation in life.  God finally said, “it’s your time and your turn!” Thus, God Is Enough Apparel was born.  The same vision He gave me in 2020 resurfaced, but this time with a specific name.  I didn’t share the vision or the instruction with anyone because I needed to know that every aspect of launching this business was because of God!  I didn’t want others to sway the vision because I would have aborted the plan.  I trusted Him even when I couldn’t trace Him.  I had faith, I obeyed, and I kept Him first.  By doing so, it never failed...I always had more than enough.  I never lacked.

With God, I have diligently worked towards a place of healing, wholeness, and peace. I am now walking in my Godly purpose and I want to help others do the same. I am committed to transforming and adding value to individuals through God’s word and powerful testimonials, one person at a time.

For nearly 30 years, I suffered in silence due to rejection, shame and embarrassment. I didn’t think anyone cared or would understand. I thought I was alone in my journey. That doesn’t have to be your story.  Because I tried Him, I know that God Is Enough!   As a survivor of and advocate for domestic abuse, I am here to promote the message that love doesn’t hurt when you love God’s way, and when you do that, you’ll find out for yourself that God Is Enough!

God Is Enough is not just about selling t-shirts and other apparel.  It’s about the message and service behind the brand.  It’s about spreading kindness and love all over the world.  It’s about sharing the greatness of God to those who need to hear it.  It’s about being the light and blessing we can all give to others in their time of need. It’s about paying it forward.  We all have something that God has done for us…something that no one else could have done or could do for us.  That’s worth sharing with the world because no matter who, what, when, where, why or how – God is Enough!  I asked for purpose that would match my personality because I am a servant at heart and God granted me a ministry where I could serve the world by spreading the word of God, love, kindness, and peace through fashion.

All these things go back to “The Source.”  When you keep God first, believe, love, obey, and have faith, you'll find that God Is Enough!

Dr. Veronica Outlaw

~ God Is Enough Apparel!